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The French preschool program enjoys an excellent reputation as it provides an original curriculum for the early years (as young as 2 years of age), being designed to be a transition from family to school.

This first stage in the French educational system fulfills three primary objectives which clearly show the intricate nature of its educational and social roles : going to school, learning to socialize and how to learn and do things.

Each teacher is helped by an assistant teacher and, in a friendly, playful and studious atmosphere, children adjust progressively to their life at school, learn how to live together with other children while developing their talents.

Children retain considerable freedom of movement in the classroom which is organized into different areas : a kitchen, dolls, cars and garage, book corner…and this contributes to the pupils' learning how to control their body, how to express themselves verbally and the first rudiments of writing and arithmetic.

Pupils enrolled in Preschool are taught how to write their name, cut words in syllables, count up to 50 minimum along with the basics of the English language.

In the bilingual sections, all concepts are acquired both in French and in English.



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